New house, new hobbies! Since beginning a home renovation in 2019, Jordyn Woods has learned quite a bit about herself, including an unexpected passion for decor. 

“I love designing. I think that’s also something I didn’t realize I loved, but I have so much fun just going to the stores and seeing which fit right and always changing it and decorating for different holidays,” the up-and-coming starlet, 22, exclusively tells Life & Style.

Celebrities Celebrating Christmas
Courtesy of Jordyn Woods/Instagram

“I changed everything for Christmas and I like modern vintage,” gushes Jordyn. “I like a mix of modern and I like a mix of vintage, but I also like it to be cozy!”

Given the model’s busy schedule, Jordyn admits that she’s “fallen back” on prioritizing her home. “It’s, like, 60 percent done,” she explains. So, what has Jordyn been focusing on instead? Her acting career, of course!

However, just like design, Jordyn working in show business was a matter of chance. “I actually believe in trying everything and it was something that just kind of happened organically,” adds the SECNDNTURE designer. “I tried it out and I ended up loving it. So, it’s just part of my story, my career path.”

Jordyn’s first feature film, Sacrifice, recently premiered on BET+ and was a wild success. “I auditioned and they liked me and I flew to New Orleans and I filmed,” she recalls. “I had no lessons, no anything, I just kind of went for it and it paid off. It kind of came naturally to me and now, I actually just finished filming my second movie like a couple of weeks ago.”

Jordyn’s second feature film is called Triggered and is set to be released later this year. “I actually have the leading role for that one, so it’s cool,” she confesses.

Umm, cool? Yeah, you can say that again! We look forward to watching Jordyn take Hollywood by storm one movie at a time.

Reporting by Diana Cooper. 

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