‘Tis the Season! Get Inspired By These Celebs Who Love to Deck the Halls

Happy holidays! Celebrities go all out for the Christmas season and can serve as a major inspiration — even to the biggest grinch. If you have a party planned, adore looking at festive lights or simply love hot chocolate and cold weather — you’re definitely not alone. Tons of A-listers enjoy flaunting their Christmas spirit all season long.

If you love to play host, celebrity party and wedding planner Mindy Weiss exclusively gave Life & Style tips for throwing an amazing get-together. You may recognize her name as the expert behind Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber‘s luxe South Carolina weddingKris Jenner‘s Great Gatsby-themed 60th birthday party, Stormi Webster’s “StormiWorld” first birthday and much more.

The planner noted that “alcohol” is often top of mind for guests so she suggests making your bar functional and memorable. “You know, the bar has become a big focal point. So, we’re setting up interesting bar areas,” Mindy said.

Celebrity Party Planner Mindy Weiss Decor Ideas
Command Brand x Mindy Weiss

Don’t worry if you’re not a mixologist, your guests will appreciate the simplicity. “A big trend is draught beers, prosecco, Aperol spritzes. We don’t need really complicated mixology drinks anymore. People are loving gin and tonic and really old-fashioned drinks. But, where they are and how they receive it is up to me to make it look really inviting,” she added.

Whether you’re a Kar-Jenner living in a sprawling Calabasas mansion or something smaller, Mindy has advice for making a cool bar space. “In the kitchen, I’ll do an ice bar [and fill up the sink with ice]. In the den, a bar cart. A lot of homes don’t have built-in bars — if they do fantastic,” the party guru explained.

As far as decor, you don’t have to break the bank on that, either. “For Christmas, we’re doing a lot of stuff with pine garland — a lot. In fact, we’re doing one where they have no room for a Christmas tree and we’re actually doing a pine Christmas tree with a wall — just making [the garland] go down on the wall — with Command Adjustables Clips,” Mindy continued. Holiday cards are also “a big decorative item that doesn’t cost anything.” She added, “By getting twine or flower garland or pine, you can hang the cards from that — huge trend.”

Now that you have party tips, keep scrolling to get more holiday inspiration from your favorite celebs!