Merry ~Krismas!~ Kris Jenner spends “around $500K just on toys” and ends up “buying like 1,000 gifts” for Christmas, an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “She doesn’t just get things for her own kids and grandkids, but her daughter’s friends are like family to her. And they all have their own kids now.”

Needless to say, the holidays are a major undertaking for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 65. “Kris starts planning for Christmas every year in July,” continues the insider. “Everything she does for the kids she does custom. Because there are so many of them, she has her assistants start researching in the summer, reaching out to manufacturers [and] asking times on certain items.” 

Kris Jenner Spends at Least '500K' on Christmas Gifts for Family
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This year, Kris is focused on finding “really meaningful” gifts for her kids and grandkids. “She wants to give back and not go crazy, but it’s hard to because she really, really loves Christmas time,” the insider explains.

The mom of six knows her successful kids can “get anything they want on their own” thanks to their sizable net worths, which is why she wants to go above and beyond with thoughtful presents. In addition to her traditional “matching [monogrammed] pajamas” for everyone, Kris is thinking of “necklaces” for her daughters and “tricked out bikes” for the grandchildren.

However, the momager doesn’t only work with large, established brands. “This year, she’s decided she really wants to support small businesses and things that she’s a personal investor in — and invested in succeeding — like her kids’ companies,” says the insider. “She’s especially obsessed this year with Kylie [Jenner]’s Grinch cosmetic collection and gifting people Rob [Kardashian]’s new hot sauce.”

All in all, Kris adores bringing her closest loved ones joy during the holidays. “She loves people telling her that she’s the best gift-giver,” gushes the insider. “To her, that’s the best compliment ever and she loves being that person for everyone.”

Their celebration will be smaller than usual this year because Khloé Kardashian revealed on December 7 the family’s annual Christmas Eve party is canceled

“The COVID cases are getting out of control in [California]. So we decided that we’re not doing a Christmas Eve party this year,” the Good American founder tweeted. “It’s the first time we will not be having a Christmas Eve party since 1978, I believe. Health and safety first though! Taking this pandemic seriously is a must.”

Kris is here to save the holidays!