The coronavirus quarantine has given Katy Perry the opportunity to be her truest self in front of fiancé Orlando Bloom. Despite the less glamorous side of being stuck home together 24/7, her beau, 43, accepts her the way she is — glam or no glam.

“I mean, you can’t even hide your foot fungus anymore,” the 35-year-old told singer Cyn during an Instagram Live on Tuesday, May 5. “It is just out there. I used to have it, but I don’t have it anymore. But you can’t hide anything. … This is me, this is it.”

Without access to a glam team or a hair or nail salon during the coronavirus pandemic, the mom-to-be has no choice but to relax in her natural form, and she seems totally OK with that. “If you love me during quarantine, you can love me any other time,” she added. “Quarantine probably reveals the most about you.”

Pregnant Katy Perry Goes Makeup-Free
Courtesy of Katy Perry/Instagram

While Katy and Orlando’s relationship seems to be thriving during the lockdown, some plans involving their pregnancy are being disrupted. Luckily, she’s remaining positive.

“I’ve had to reschedule many plans and, you know, not like everyone does a babymoon or a baby shower or, you know, blah blah blah — but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do any of that,” she explained on Facebook Live on May 3. “I’m just taking it one day at a time. But, I’ll be grateful. I mean, I’m grateful now. There’s a lot going on.”

Nonetheless, the couple are excited about their bundle of joy. Orlando is especially thrilled that his son, Flynn, whom he shares with ex Miranda Kerr, will soon have someone to play with. “Orlando can’t wait for Flynn, who’s already 9 and thinks he’s grown, to interact with his little sibling,” a source exclusively dished to Life & Style. “Orlando and Katy are hoping for a girl, but Flynn is hoping it’s the little brother he’s always wanted.”

The pop star and the Pirates of the Caribbean alum got exactly what they wanted. On April 2, they announced they’re expecting a baby girl when Katy shared a photo of her beau covered in pink icing. How exciting!