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So Naturally Beautiful! Kourtney Kardashian’s Most Stunning Photos Without Makeup

Kourtney Kardashian‘s face has the most beautiful natural features, but for years, she made sure to wear at least some makeup in her Instagram posts. Ever since she started dating husband Travis Barker in January 2021, Kourtney has become much more confident in showing off her stunning makeup-free face.

With two sisters who own cosmetics companies and plenty of beauty influencer friends, Kourtney has an endless supply of makeup available to her and used to wear it what seemed to be at all times. Even at home and on vacations, she was never without a layer of lipstick or some waterproof mascara in snapshots she shared on social media.

Since her romance with Travis, Kourtney has been far more open about posting photos au naturale. Her favorite time to go clean-faced is with her children she shares with ex-partner Scott Disick, giving them morning cuddles while she still has fresh morning bed head.

“I love having no makeup on, [with] clean, fresh hair and skin, after a bath. Just natural me,” Kourtney told People in October 2020. “When quarantine began and everything closed down, I actually really loved my eyebrows thicker and more natural, not so done looking, which I have since continued [doing] and love,” she added.

Kourtney has shared her natural “no-makeup-makeup” beauty routine on her website, which revealed that the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, “Never leaves the house without brushing her brows and curling her lashes. This is a non-negotiable for her.”

“And then for just a dash of makeup, it’s concealer (or a light application of foundation) and bronzer — that’s it. Then she uses bronzer on her eyelids for some definition for the most no-makeup-makeup look,” the site continued, adding that, “To maintain a natural look with minimal makeup, Kourt uses a face stamper once a month,” which provides a gentler form of microneedling.

In some of Kourtney’s Instagram photos, it appears as if she’s not wearing any makeup. But with closer inspection, her “no-makeup-makeup” look is clearly visible, with her neat brows, curly lashes, a flawless facial complexion and always a hint of a very neutral lipstick shade. So, when she goes without any makeup whatsoever, it is noticeable … and yet, Kourtney is still such a natural beauty with a completely clean and clear face.

Scroll down for Kourtney’s best photos without makeup.