Setting the record straight. Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute got on Instagram Live to discuss the pregnancy rumors surrounding her after paparazzi shots surfaced on the internet on April 28. Unsurprisingly, the situation seemed to really affect the 37-year-old Bravolebrity and she had no problem airing out her grievances with supporters and followers.

“It made me cry, it really hurt my feelings and I thought it was really f—king invasive that someone was hanging around outside my house to find me at my worst angle,” the Detroit native revealed. “Because I’m sure that paparazzi took about 70 million photos and used the one that he thought that he could sell … It just really rubbed me the wrong way. I was really upset yesterday. I cried a lot, it got in my head, I didn’t want to eat, so I’m just like f—k all of this.”

Kristen Doute Says 'Invasive' Pregnancy Rumors Made Her 'Cry
Courtesy Kristen Doute/Instagram

The brunette beauty started her social media rant by telling fans who tuned in that she didn’t “want” to address the “bulls—t,” a.k.a. the photos, but felt she had to. In the pics, she explained she was wearing a “pajama jumpsuit with a cropped sweatshirt and flip flops with no makeup on.” The outfit combined with “not sucking in” and having bad “posture,” she said, led to the rumor.

Kristen also addressed the double standard for women when it comes to their physical appearance, especially in the public eye. “If she doesn’t look perfect, she’s disgusting. But if she Facetunes or Photoshops, she’s fake. So, which one is it? Which one do you want?” she asked. “You guys need us to be Facetuned or Photoshopped all the time and we’re either fake or perfect, which neither are true, or if we’re just living our lives like everyone else does, we’re either fat or we’re pregnant or whatever the f—k else.”

Plus, she even explained that some Pump Rules viewers thought the whole thing was a stunt to shade her engaged ex-friends, Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark.

“The thing that I think hurt the most, once I kind of got over it, was reading the women’s comments on some of the tagged photos and articles,” Kristen added. “Women saying ‘Oh, she’s definitely pregnant,’ or ‘Oh, she definitely strapped on a baby belly … to take away from Stassi and Beau’s engagement episode.’ Do you know how f—king insane you sound? Like, literally.”

At the end of the day, we’re so glad the reality TV babe said what needed to be said. “That’s just how f—king women look sometimes,” she said after showing off her flat stomach to reiterate that she isn’t expecting. “You should be celebrating women and being positive.”