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Remember Miami Girl? What Happened to Forgotten ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Members

Thanks to the toxic hooking up culture of Vanderpump Rules, there’ve been several cast members who’ve come and gone over the past eight seasons. After all, the staff at SUR are fairly incestuous, choosing to only hook up, date, and befriend within their small social circle. But every once and a while a cast member comes along to shake things up … and then they quietly leave and we never hear from them again.

But if you’re wondering whatever happened to folks like Frank Herlihy or “Miami Girl,” they’re all busy pursuing other endeavors away from reality TV. For Laura-Leigh Claire — who boldly declared on the show that she couldn’t wait to quit SUR once she got a film offer — she’s now a bonafide actress. However, after appearing in 2013’s We’re the Millers, her career stalled for a year or two. She even disappeared from social media. However, she came back in 2018 to promote her latest film, Under the Silver Lake. As for Carmen, Frank, and other “not quite” cast members you most likely have forgotten about, scroll down to see what they’re doing today.