Anyone who has been watching Vanderpump Rules from the beginning knows that it has taken a lot of tries for Stassi Schroeder to find her match. First, it was a tumultuous relationship with co-star Jax Taylor, after which she moved on to an equally tumultuous relationship with Patrick Meagher. But finally, the 30-year-old has settled into what seems to be an absolutely lovely relationship with her current boyfriend, Beau Clark, and we couldn’t be happier for her. When the Pump Rules ladies appeared on Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live! on January 15, one caller wanted to know if “marriage was in the cards” for the couple and Stassi’s response was all but surprising.

“Everything’s in the cards and I don’t even care about the order,” the podcast host said on the live aftershow. “I don’t know when the moment was. I can’t even remember when the moment was. There was something that just, like, switched.”

BFF Katie Maloney-Schwartz then chimed in that “it was probably after one of your first meltdowns,” which Stassi totally agreed with. TBH, that would be a defining factor in any relationship, with how nasty Miss Nastasia has been known to get.

“Yeah, and he accepted me for me,” the longtime reality star revealed. “That was actually it, yeah.” That’s definitely the best thing your partner can do.

Co-star Ariana Madix had a different opinion, though. She said that “the moment” in question was when the former SURver first saw her BF in drag. “When he did drag for me, yes, that was probably the moment,” Stassi summed it up with a huge laugh.

No matter when the actual moment was, we’re glad it happened because these two are definitely one of our favorite reality couples right now! Like, we kinda need them to tie the knot. Seems like adage really is true — good things happen to those who wait. Right, Stas?