She's only 20 years old, but Kylie Jenner's stockpile of amazing cars would put even the most passionate collector to shame. The most recent addition to her throng of vehicles is a shiny black Ferrari LaFerrari, which on top of being stunning, is actually super rare and has a checklist to complete before buying one. There were only 499 of the supercar made, and rumor has it that you need to buy at least five Ferraris to get one. Well luckily, Kylie is a big fan of the manufacturer and has bought several, including a yellow Spider and a blue Italia. Scroll through the gallery below to see the LaFerrari and more of Kylie's amazing cars.

However, Kylie wasn't the one to drop the reported $1.5 million on the majestic vehicle. No, it was her baby daddy Travis Scott, who allegedly gifted to her as a push present after she welcomed baby Stormi. Okay, we could totally push out a kid if that's what it would get us!

But Kylie isn't a strictly-Ferrari gal. She's got quite the collection of Mercedes cars as well, including a special (and massive) black G550 4×4, a maroon G-Wagon, a black G-Wagon, and the grey Maybach that Tyga got her a few years ago. No word on how many of those she still owns, but she's definitely a fan of big cars!

Then there's the horde of Rolls Royces she has. Kylie has a few of them, including a maroon Wraith with black racing stripes, and a pretty white Ghost. Like we said, this collection is no joke. Her vehicles range from $150k to $1.5million, and she's only been driving for the last four years! Honestly, we can't help but be impressed.

*Scroll through the gallery below to see Kylie's dazzling car collection!++