Everyone chill! Former Bachelor contestant Lauren Luyendyk (née Burnham) clapped back at a troll who commented on how many photos of herself she had been posting from her recent trip to Las Vegas. The Bachelor Nation babe just gave birth to her first child, Alessi Ren, with her husband Arie Luyendyk Jr. in May, and the new mama deserves to have a little fun.

The 28-year-old jetted off to Sin City for a weekend with the clothing brand Revolve and a few close pals from the reality show including Amanda Stanton and Maquel Cooper. The blonde beauty’s Instagram feed is usually filled with photos of her adorable daughter, but while she was enjoying a girls’ weekend, she shared a few gorgeous snapshots of her experience. “How many pics of yourself are you going to post?” someone asked in the comments on December 15.

Lauren Burnham Claps Back
Courtesy of Lauren Burnham Instagram

“Relax,” Lauren simply responded, which is sound advice for most internet trolls. The Virginia native is pretty active in the comment section of her social media and answered a few other pressing inquiries from fans. “I have a feeling you’re pregnant,” another hopeful commenter added.

Lauren Burnham Pregnancy Comment
Courtesy of Lauren Burnham Instagram

“Let’s hope not LOL,” Lauren hilariously wrote. Although she doesn’t seem to be expecting at the moment, the reality beauty and her hubby, 38, are hoping to have a big family someday. During an Instagram Q&A on July 14, someone asked how many little ones they want and if all their names will start with the letter “A” like their firstborn.

“We want to have [three kids] and no. We have our next baby’s name picked out already and it doesn’t start with an ‘A,’” Lauren divulged at the time with a photo of the proud dad cradling the teeny newborn.

As far as possible names, the couple is keeping their favorites hush-hush, but the newly minted mama did share one funny story, which includes a moniker they definitely won’t be using. “I wanted to name Alessi ‘Remi,’” she began to explain. “That was quickly nixed because that’s what Arie named his truck from high school.” Welp, that would be adorable but is unfortunately out.

We think Lauren is looking more gorgeous than ever these days. Keep doing your thing, girl!