Parent goals! Leighton Meester and Adam Brody welcomed their daughter, Arlo Day, in 2014. News broke in April 2020 that the famous couple was expecting their second child together. Later, in September, their baby boy arrived. The former Gossip Girl starlet is already the best mom ever with the support of her husband, so fans are obviously thrilled to watch their family grow!

Leighton, 34, and Adam, 40, got married in February 2014 after meeting on the set of the movie The Oranges in 2011. They had their sweet daughter in August 2015. The O.C. actor and brunette beauty keep Arlo far out of the spotlight and never publicly share photos of her. However, the proud mom previously gushed how head over heels she is for her mini-me.

Leighton Meester Smiles in Silk Flower Dress With Husband Adam Brody in Suit

“People started telling me before [I had] a kid, ‘You’re going to really love them,’” the Country Strong star told Us Weekly in September 2019. “Then you’re like, ‘Yeah, obviously, I’ll love them.’ And then you do [have them] and you’re like, ‘Oh. OK. I don’t love anyone else. I just love them. And I don’t even love myself as much as I love them! Not even close.’”

Like many parents, Leighton is not afraid to go into full mama bear mode for her little one. “I don’t know, would I kill somebody or die for them? Sure. I would,” she added. 

In 2018, the actress explained to the outlet that trying new things and exploring is key to happy parenting. “I think getting out of the house is very important. I’ve realized more than ever that playing is how they learn and work,” the Texas native admitted. “When they play, that’s their work. That’s their job. As soon as they get up, they want to play. That’s how they grow, socialize, learn and develop.”

Leighton Meester Wears Silk Flowered Dress and Giggles As Husband Adam Brody Whispers in Her Ear on Red Carpet
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Currently, Leighton plays Angie in Single Parents where a group of moms and dads lean on each other for support while raising their kids. The A-lister obviously relates to the role through motherhood but confessed to Net-a-Porter in September 2018 that she’s glad Angie adds more to the show.

“I do notice now a lot of roles that don’t really come my way, like the sexy ingénue. We need women who are more fully fleshed out on television and in film at every age, including young women who aren’t just there to be the love interest and the date,” the actress said.

Leighton is an amazing role model for Arlo and her newborn, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for their family!