It’s not often Lili Reinhart puts her natural curls on display, but we love it when she does because she looks gorgeous! The 23-year-old took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, December 15, to show off her stunning look.

“Just for fun,” she captioned the photo in which she’s rockin’ her loose blonde tresses and some edgy makeup. Obviously, the Riverdale star is one beautiful gal, but the actress isn’t just beauty. She’s also brains.

Lili Reinhart Shows Off Curls
Courtesy of Lili Reinhart

Lili is set to release a poetry book called Swimming Lessons in May 2020, in which she showcases her talent as a writer. The blonde beauty used many different people as her muse for the collection of writing. “To be honest, a lot … and I’m kind of calling the book a work of fiction more so than just, ‘This is all of my life and my experiences’ because to be honest, I find a lot of inspiration from other people and people that I don’t know and music, especially,” she exclusively told Life & Style in October.

She continued, “You know, I can create a scenario in my head from a mood, so it kind of just goes on a journey from there. It’s not necessarily all experiences that I’ve been through. It just sort of is a culmination of feelings turned into words if that makes sense and it’s not necessarily an experience. It’s more so just an atmospheric mood.”

Lili also revealed that writing is therapeutic for her. “I think I turned to poetry, like reading poetry, as a sense of therapy as well,” she said. “I think that encouraged me to want to write and to share my poetry, to hopefully help others in that sense.”

It’s clear that she uses her voice to shine a light on topics important to her. Most recently, she did that when she called out body editing apps for being detrimental to society. “This is not okay,” she wrote on Instagram in November. “This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies.”

Preach, girl!