Great minds think alike! After Lili Reinhart slammed BodyTune, a body editing app, Bella Thorne stepped up to show the Riverdale star support.

The Famous in Love actress, 22, took to her Instagram Story on Monday, November 18, to share a screenshot of an article with a headline that read, “Lili Reinhart Speaks Out Against Body Editing Phone Apps.” Bella added, “I have been saying this for a while! It’s not good for us!” We stan queens supporting each other.

In case you missed it, on Sunday, November 17, Lili expressed how she feels about the photo altering applications on her IG Story and why she thinks they’re detrimental to society. “This morning I was looking for an app that would help me resize my photos to better fit Instagram … And then I came across this app,” the 23-year-old began her statement, referring to BodyTune. “It then proceeded to play a little clip as part of their advertisement, which I screen recorded.” The recording consisted of a woman’s arm edited to be slimmer.

“This is not okay,” she added. “This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies.” From there, the Hustlers actress begged her fans to refrain from downloading the app and others like it. “I implore you: do not use these kinds of apps. If you photoshop your body, you are adding to this problem.”

Bella Thorne Supports Lili Reinhart Calling Out Body Editing Apps
Courtesy of Bella Thorne/Instagram

“This is how unrealistic standards of human bodies have been created — to the point where people alter their bodies surgically to achieve unattainable results,” she continued. “We are better than this.”

It’s clear Lili likes to use her platform to address body image issues, and anything else important to her. The blonde beauty will be taking it a step further by becoming a published author soon, so her voice will be heard on a larger scale. Lili is expected to release a book of poetry in May 2020.

“I’m kind of calling the book a work of fiction more so than just, ‘This is all of my life and my experiences’ because to be honest, I find a lot of inspiration from other people and people that I don’t know and music, especially,” she exclusively told Life & Style in October.

We can’t wait to see what else she has to say!