Cue the “awws!” An Irish judge is being praised online after excusing a 54-year-old man from jury duty because it was his “first time in love.” The “bachelor” revealed that he was planning a long weekend away with his partner and wouldn’t be able to serve.

Journalist Sarah Jane Murphy shared the conversation, which took place at a Dublin court on Wednesday, Dec. 13, on Twitter and so far, it’s gotten more than 2,000 retweets. It read: “Jury selection, CCJ, yesterday. Man: I can’t serve; I’m away for weekend. Judge: We don’t sit at weekends. Man: I’m away till Monday. I’m 54, a bachelor & it’s my 1st time in love. Judge: Then you GO and you GO with my blessing.” She added, “It was truly an epic moment.”

love actually irl

Sound familiar? Twitter users immediately began commenting that the story resembled the ending of Richard Curtis’ romantic comedy Love Actually. “Is this the ending to Love Actually II?” one wrote, while another commented, “This honestly sounds like the ending to a film and it’s lovely!” A third chimed in, “Guilty of ‘Love In The First Degree’, perhaps?”

According to the Independent, Sarah-Jane revealed, “The judge broke into a broad smile and the man walked away grinning. The woman beside me turned to me and said, ‘Did I imagine that?'” Now that’s the true definition of courting!

Are you Love Actually‘s biggest fan? Well, we bet you didn’t know these fun facts! Watch the video below.