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5 ‘Love Actually’ Fan Theories That Will Make You Want to Rewatch ASAP

Everyone knows Love Actually is the greatest Christmas-themed romantic comedy of all time! Through its popularity, fans have come up with some interesting theories about the 2003 film.

You’d think after watching the movie hundreds of times we’d have similar thoughts, but surprisingly, these theories took even us by surprise. Of course, they’ll certainly make you want to watch a little more closely next time around.

Unfortunately, Love Actually isn’t available to stream on Netflix. However, you can watch it on Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu. Moreover, networks are always playing Love Actually around the holidays — for obvious reasons — so be sure to check your local TV listings.

OK, back to the fan theories! Perhaps one of the more interesting concepts is that Mia (played by Heike Makatsch) is the “devil” and Rufus (played by Rowan Atkinson) is the “angel.” It’s no surprise that everyone hates Mia — and her antagonism is pretty blatant when she struts into a formal party in a devil costume. But to fans, this scene wasn’t meant to be a metaphor.

5 'Love Actually' Fan Theories That Will Make You Want to Rewatch ASAP
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According to them, Mia is a literal devil whose sole purpose is to try to ruin Christmas for Harry (played by the late Alan Rickman) and his family. And because no good/evil story is complete without an angel, fans believe Rufus is an angel whose role is to save Harry’s marriage. In fact, this theory was proven to be half-true by the writer himself who said Rufus was an angel in the original script but got changed at the last minute!

Another interesting theory about Mia is that she’s actually not “evil,” she’s just sad. On the flip side, some fans don’t see Mia as the devil at all. Instead, they see her as the most sympathetic character in the movie. According to this theory, she aggressively pursues her boss Harry, who’s much older than her, because she has deep, lingering “daddy issues.”

Fans have also pointed out that whenever the character is shown at her home, she’s always alone as if she has no friends. And in the scene when Harry visits her on Christmas Eve, she’s alone again (on a holiday, nonetheless). Considering Mia is new to the company, fans think her pursuit of her boss is to fill an empty void in her otherwise lonely life. Definitely makes you think, huh?

Scroll through the gallery below to see the rest of the fan theories about Love Actually that ~actually~ make a lot of sense.