It looks like Melania Trump is over being a brunette, because she just debuted a new blonde hair color. The First Lady did an interview on Fox News, and viewers couldn’t help but notice the not so subtle change. And of course, people have lots of thoughts about it.

Ever since her time in the White House began, Melania has been seen sporting a brunette hue, so this is major change for her, as well as for the internet. People online have questions and have even come up with their own claims as to why she opted for the lighter color. One person politely shaded Fox News and the First Family’s love for the outlet. “Did Melania dye her hair blonde for the ‘Fox’ interview, to fit in?” they wrote, quote tweeting a screenshot of Melania’s interview.

A second Twitter user couldn’t help but notice a resemblance between the First Lady and actress Jennifer Coolidge‘s hair: “I can’t believe they casted Jennifer Coolidge as the new Melania!” Girl, same!

Perhaps the First Lady wanted to change her hair up for the new year. She’s not the only one, anyway. Lots of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Lucy Hale, and Ashley Tisdale have transformed their hair for the holidays. However, it’s almost expected from them and not so much from someone in the White House, just because First Families tend to be more traditional.

Imagine if she would’ve done something more drastic like going platinum blonde! People would have lost it for sure, which, TBH, might’ve led Melania to break the internet, TBH.