Sharing is caring! Nikki Bella took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, March 29, to post a video of herself and her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, walking to Brie Bella‘s house to personally deliver food they made for her.

“Walking dinner over to Brie’s,” the mom-to-be said in the clip. The couple brought baked potatoes with them and were planning to grill salmon with veggies. Yum!

Nikki and Brie Bella
Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock

It’s obvious the sisters are inseparable these days. Ever since they announced their pregnancies in January, their relationship has gotten stronger. “This has just felt like such a special time and so I feel like it’s definitely brought us together,” Brie exclusively told Life & Style in March.

Though it’s been tough dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it has helped the soon-to-be mom of two focus on what’s really important. “With the outbreak of the virus, it really does put a lot in perspective of just everything you’re grateful for — family, friends — and so it’s definitely been a time where we really leaned on each other,” she added.

As twins, Brie and Nikki are expected to have a lot in common, and their pregnancy has definitely proven that. “It has been really bizarre to experience all the same symptoms together,” Brie divulged. “We have the exact same cravings!”

Even their kids look pretty similar — so far. “Our babies look alike … they have the same profile,” Nikki said on the March 4 episode of “The Bellas Podcast.” Of course, Brie agreed. “We understand, all babies look the same, but ours are like identical,” she said.

The siblings have been very open and often update fans about what they’re experiencing in their pregnancies, including their struggles. For instance, Nikki had a rough start. “This is my first pregnancy, and my pregnancy started out with me getting influenza B and I kind of had to be MIA and not work out or be around people for two months, so when I healed from that, shortly after that then the coronavirus broke out,” she divulged.

On the other hand, Brie admitted her first trimester “really rocked” her. “When I was pregnant with Birdie, all I really experienced was just being tired, but this time, I’ve had a lot of morning sickness. I felt like I’ve constantly been car sick,” she said.

On the bright side, she’s doing OK now.