Meeting your significant other’s parents can be very nerve-wracking, and that’s exactly how it was for Nikki Bella when her boyfriend, Artem Chigvintsev, introduced his folks to her. Thankfully, though, their first encounter went super well.

Like Nikki, the 37-year-old Russian native was just as anxious. “It was the first time Artem saw his parents in five years and his brother,” the 36-year-old revealed on the December 4 episode of “The Bellas” podcast. “He was so nervous and excited and emotional. They all got really emotional when they saw each other. They cried. I’m not gonna lie — I was really nervous.”

The biggest challenge for the former wrestler and her potential future in-laws was the difference in their native tongues, but they managed. “They don’t know English. I don’t know Russian, but somehow we made it work,” she divulged. “It’s crazy when you’re put in the situation where you have a language barrier and you’re forced to communicate without speaking.”

Nikki Bella Recalls Meeting Artem Chigvintsev Parents

Things went so great for Nikki and Artem’s parents that she called them “the sweetest people in the world.” They seemed to feel the same way about the brunette beauty because according to her, they liked her “a lot.” Now that Artem’s folks approved of his lady, could the couple be taking things to the next level? Maybe!

While it’s only been nearly five months since they became official, a source exclusively told Life & Style that the Total Bellas star wants to get hitched. “Nikki would love to be engaged,” the insider said. “Of course Artem knows this, and he loves her, so I think it’s only a matter of time. They’re taking steps. Nikki jokes that they’re little baby steps towards a future together. If Artem proposes, she’s saying definitely saying yes.”

The dynamic duo has openly talked about becoming parents someday, so the idea is not totally fetched. So much, in fact, that the Dancing With the Stars alum knows how many kids he hopes to have someday.

“You know what? I’ve never thought about the exact number, but the only thing I can compare it to is obviously my parents and what they have,” he admitted on the podcast in September. “They have two of us. It’s me and my brother. If I have to throw a number, I would probably say two because that’s how I grew up and I had a good relationship with my brother.”

Guess we’ll wait and see what happens!