Like father, like daughter! North West seems to be following in her dad Kanye West‘s footsteps after a video of her dancing with kid rapper That Girl Lay Lay was posted on Thursday, March 12.

Hey y’all!! North West and I are hanging out today!!!! Check out our TikTok! Follow my TikTok account – litgirllay,” the 11-year-old captioned the clip of them jamming out to Lay Lay’s very own song “Mama.”

Fans couldn’t help but express their love for this epic union. “So cute!” wrote one person. “Aww, y’all are adorable,” commented another.

The video was posted just a few weeks after Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s eldest daughter performed ZaZa’s “What I Do” at Kanye’s Yeezy season 8 fashion show. It’s clear North is a natural entertainer.

North may be young, but she’s had her fair share of amazing collaborations. In March 2019, she spent a day in JoJo Siwa‘s house, which they documented for the 16-year-old’s YouTube channel. After getting to know North, JoJo believes she has what it takes to be an entertainer.



“I just saw the video of her performing at Kanye’s Sunday Service today, and I responded to Kim and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever,’” JoJo exclusively shared with Life & Style in July 2019. “I remember talking to Kim and she was saying that North wants to follow in her dad’s footsteps. So, I definitely think North has the potential.”

It’s a good thing her parents are aware of her talents! “Both Kim and Kanye are convinced North’s got star quality flowing through her veins and they want her to capitalize on it right away,” a separate source exclusively told Life & Style in March 2019.

Music isn’t the only thing she seems to be interested in. “They’ve been drumming it into her with acting lessons, voice coaching and etiquette classes — and it’s really worked wonders for her confidence,” the insider added. “She wants to be bigger and better than her parents, and with all their money behind her, there’s no reason why she won’t.” She’s a star!