We already know North West is one of the cutest celebrity kids in the game, and it turns out Kanye West and Kim Kardashian think so, too. A source revealed exclusively to Life & Style that the proud parents think their oldest daughter has what it takes to be a huge success one day. The KUWTK kid is currently working on a video with YouTube personality JoJo Siwa and it looks like she won’t be slowing down after that.

The insider dished that the spunky five-year-old’s personality isn’t lost on her parents. “Both Kim and Kanye are convinced North’s got star quality flowing through her veins and they want her to capitalize on it right away,” the source said.

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Apparently, the big sister has been working on her entertainment chops in the few short years of her life. “They’ve been drumming it into her with acting lessons, voice coaching and etiquette classes – and it’s really worked wonders for her confidence,” the source continued. As for her goals? The adorable reality starlet has her sights set extremely high. “She wants to be bigger and better than her parents, and with all their money behind her, there’s no reason why she won’t.”

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North is always a perpetual mood in Kim’s Instagram photos, and the KKW Beauty founder has no problem gushing about how proud she is of her oldest child. “My most stylish and beautiful baby girl North shot her 1st cover for [WWD]!!!! She loves fashion and beauty and has so much fun doing this!” the 38-year-old wrote on Instagram on February 22 after her daughter graced her first solo cover. Normal childhood milestones, right?

Kim then let her pride burst out on Twitter. “I’m seriously so proud of my Northie! She picked her looks and eyeliner color and is so involved and loves fashion and beauty so much so she has the best time at her [WWD] shoot! Kanye and I always say she’s Kristen Crawley’s style twin,” she raved. We don’t blame her for being proud of North, she’s one accomplished girl already!

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