Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Seem ~In the Know~ (And Not Lazy)

Not to be total Debbie Downers, but the older you get, the less magical Halloween becomes. Sure, you get to replace candy with cocktails, but despite what Party City commercials will have you believe, coming up with a costume is not easy (or fast or cheap)! 

Unlike children, adults are expected to bring a certain air of sophistication to Halloween. Can you dress like a black cat? Yes. Will people think you’re lazy and uninspired? Double yes.

With that, we decided it was time to up the ante. Considering we as a society live, sleep, eat and breathe pop culture, why not channel that for your Halloween costume this year? Oh, and get this, you can pretty much just throw something together from the s–t that you already have laying around your house.

To be clear, there are a *few* exceptions … unless, er, you’re super eccentric and happen to have the supplies to recreate a cheeseburger ensemble in your humble abode, but more on that later. Scroll through the gallery below to see the only pop culture-inspired Halloween costumes you’ll ever need. 

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