What a strong mama-to-be! Nikki Bella took to Instagram on Tuesday, April 28, to show off her bare baby bump while working out. Needless to say, the pregnant 36-year-old looks as amazing as ever.

“Got my power walk, elliptical and little weights on,” she captioned the first video. Then, the Total Bellas star shared clips of herself with dumbbells. “Yesterday, [I] was mainly in bed,” she wrote. “Baby was taking it all from me. But goodness look how much my baby has grown.”

Thankfully, Nikki has more energy these days. “Today, [I’m] feeling so much better. Haven’t lifted any weights in over a week, so [I] felt great doing it today,” she wrote, before gushing over how soon her bundle of joy is expected to arrive. “Can’t believe I’m 14 weeks away from my due date.”

Nikki Bella Takes Mirror Selfie in Red Pants and Black Tank Top at Pure Barre Class
Courtesy of Nikki Bella Instagram

There’s a lot the brunette beauty has to be excited about lately. On April 20, Nikki expressed how happy she and fiancé Artem Chigvintsev were when they felt their baby kick.

“Yesterday, I felt a lot better but was down because I was feeling my baby kick so much and then couldn’t the past two days,” she captioned an Instagram post. “I read about and have heard from other moms about this, that it happens but you can’t help but let it get you down. Then, this morning I woke up to so many kicks! Big kicks! Even Daddy got to feel them. Definitely think our little one grew a lot this weekend! So we are all smiles this morning!”

Nikki has been very transparent about her experiences during her pregnancy, including feeling insecure about her changing body. Thankfully, she has twin sister Brie Bella — who is already a mom to 2-year-old daughter Birdie — to reassure her.

“So, Brie is just constantly reminding me, ‘You’re pregnant. Vanity doesn’t even exist anymore,’ and is trying to just have me be present and appreciate these changes, and it’s tough,” Nikki exclusively told Life & Style.

Despite the struggles, her baby makes it all worthwhile. “You just look at this thing growing inside of you, and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how I’m so in love with something I’ve never even met!'” the soon-to-be mom added. How sweet!