She’s lookin’ goodReal Housewives of Atlanta alum Kenya Moore gave birth to her first child, daughter Brooklyn Doris, just under a month ago on Nov. 4, but that isn’t stopping her from getting her incredible pre-baby body back! The 47-year-old new mama took to Instagram recently to show the world how she was recovering after having a C-section birth with sweet Brooklyn.

Kenya has always been a fit woman and we love seeing her get real with her fans about the road to recovery after birthing, and also the road back to the gym. “The SnapBack is real! 🙈👀😝😊 LOL I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better. I was cut twice during my [three hour] C-section but I made it! I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life…whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again,” she revealed to fans in her caption on a few cute mirror selfies of her showing off her post-baby tummy.

Some fans were curious about how her body has been adapting post-birth and others, well… they were a little more accusatory. One fan wrote, “Good for you! I would have gotten a tummy tuck too, after having a C-section.” Kenya wasn’t having that comment, however, and clapped back with some common sense. “No plastic surgery, no tummy tuck. No surgeon would perform a tummy tuck on a woman [three] weeks after birth. Just stop it.” She’s definitely not wrong there –– that’s a lot of surgery in too little time. Looks like Kenya really is as all natural as they come.

kenya moore post baby bod


Some fans really came to bat for Kenya, but they did it with their own personal experience. “People [sic] accusing you of surgery clearly don’t understand the power of nursing. My stomach snapped back two weeks after having my baby (natural birth). I couldn’t afford surgery. My tummy was much darker than the rest of my body. It turned back to normal by the third month,” a fan commented, relating to what Kenya has been going through with her post-baby bod. “Yes, my tummy is darker too. My doctor said it would go back to natural color as well,” Kenya revealed to the fan.

It’s pretty cool to see the RHOA mama being so forthcoming with her fans about that new mom struggle. Her hashtags on the post really sum it up well: “#3weekspostpartum #47yearoldsnapback #Csection #teamnosleep.” Sounds like there’s a whole lot going on in Kenya’s life right now! But clearly, the new addition, and all the struggles that come along with it, are exactly what Kenya wants.

In fact, she said so herself: “#brooklyndaly is worth every [battle scar]!”