Rihanna is catching heat from mean-spirited fans who say she’s not sexy anymore – but she’s feeling just fine right now, with a love life that’s never been hotter and zero interest in succumbing to body pressure under any circumstances ever again.

“Rihanna has never felt more empowered or sexier, so she finds it pretty laughable and pathetic that people are trying to body shame her and pretend to know how she feels,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “She used to hate being stick thin with no boobs, so she’s thrilled that her body has developed and she’s got a bigger booty, thicker thighs and D-cups.”

Plus, it’s not only Rihanna, 36, who loves her new curves.

The source continues, “And her sex life with [A$AP] Rocky could not be better, he can’t keep his hands off her curves and she loves it.”

Fans have noticed that the “Love the Way You Lie” singer has opted for baggier clothes lately as opposed to more form-fitting looks, The Sun reported that Rihanna’s clothing choices were related to insecurity around her body.

On June 19, stylist Tavia Sharp told The Sun that the “Umbrella” songstress wasn’t “motivated” to shed any of her post-baby weight after she welcomed her second child, son Riot Rose, in August 2023.

“Rihanna’s sexy era and putting it all out there is over for good,” Tavia told the outlet. “For the first time, Rihanna feels self-conscious about her body image. She was typically a trendsetter, and people knew her as a global fashion icon. Now, Rihanna is not feeling confident about her post-baby body. The baggy clothes show she is also not motivated to return to her pre-baby weight.”

Rihanna Loves Her Post-Baby Curves, Ignoring Mean Fans
Stephanie Cardinale / Getty Images

Tavia continued, “Rihanna had her kids almost back to back, so this is a body thing right now for her. The first thing to consider is that she has not had much time between the two births. She has started wearing clunky, heavy clothes. Rihanna also has her hands in front of her body while clutching and covering her front area. There are clunky belts, heavy leather jackets, and a bubbly look where everything is bubbling in the front. This is a completely different look for her hair as well. The new short hair is pulling all the attention from her body and curves, which are covered.”

However, the insider tells Life & Style that absolutely isn’t the case, and Rihanna has been taking the comments about her weight as compliments.

“Just because she’s dressing in baggy clothing doesn’t mean a thing, aside from the fact that she’s following fashion,” the source says. “That’s the look right now and she’s having fun with it, but when she feels like wearing more body con stuff she will because she genuinely loves being curvier. She thinks women are beautiful at any size but her personal preference is to have more meat on her bones, so the trolls that think they’re insulting her by pointing out she’s gained some weight are actually complimenting her, she’s loving her body right now.”