Actress Sarah Hyland was in the hospital on October 6, just weeks after celebrating the two-year anniversary of her kidney transplant. The Modern Family star took to Instagram to reveal that she was in the emergency room but later appeared to have been moved to a regular room where her fiancé, Wells Adams, sat by her side.

“ER but make it fashion,” the 28-year-old wrote on her Instagram Story to caption a black-and-white photo of herself with wires connected to her chest. She later shared videos of herself and Wells becoming “models” by using a face filter as he hung out by her bedside.

Sarah Hyland Hopsitalized
Courtesy of Sarah Hyland Instagram

The last time the starlet was hospitalized was this past summer. “Thank you guys who have been sending well wishes while I was in the hospital,” she began in a video on her Instagram Story on June 25. “Long story short, I went in because I was feeling like I was being choked from whatever’s in the house. And then I was like, ‘Maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe there’s something actually medically wrong with me.’” She also added that she “couldn’t breathe” and “had chest pains.”

She stayed for three days before the doctors cleared her to come home, despite not being able to find an explanation as to why she felt sick. “So, I go to the ER after a very long day of work, with lots of makeup on, and I just got home from Friday night … They ran multiple tests, multiple times, and there’s nothing physically wrong with me. So, wonder why I was there,” she continued in her video.

Sarah has been very open about her health struggles — she’s undergone 16 surgeries and two kidney transplants in her lifetime. “I’ve never been ashamed to show my scars,” she divulged during an interview with Self magazine in December 2018. “I [had] seven surgeries before the age of 4.”

Sarah and Her Brother Ian Hyland
Courtesy of Sarah Hyland/Instagram

She received the first kidney donation from her dad, Edward Hyland, but her body began to reject the transplant in October 2016. In September 2017, her younger brother, Ian Hyland, donated his organ to Sarah. “Two years ago today my precious little brother gave me the gift of life. Thank you for not only giving me your f–king kidney but for everything else you do. I love you so much @thehotterhyland ❤️ happy Kidneyversary!!!!” the actress gushed on Instagram to celebrate the milestone on September 20.

Hopefully, Sarah gets better soon.