Keep it up, trolls. Pretty soon celebrities are going to stop posting entirely! *Insert eye roll emoji.* So, here’s what went down … Sarah Hyland took to Instagram on Sunday, June 9, following the 2019 Tony Awards red carpet to make a hilarious observation about Emily Ratajkowski’s slinky, Michael Kors gown.

“The sisterhood of the traveling Tony dress. Spotted on Sarah Hyland in 2007. [Emily Ratajkowski] spotted in 2019 wearing it 100000 [percent] BETTER,” the Modern Family powerhouse, 28, captioned a side-by-side picture of her and EmRata. Considering Sarah was only 16 years old at the time, it should have been obvious to anyone looking at the post that she was hardly trying to compare herself to the 28-year-old supermodel.

Emily Ratajkowski
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Ahem, emphasis on the “should have been.” Sarah received so much negativity over the post — mainly direct at Emily — that she was forced to add an addendum. For example, someone commented “disagree, you looked classier.” While another added, “I liked it better on you. Shows less and looks more classy.”

“I can’t believe I’m editing this. I’m NOT comparing. This is supposed to be a funny post. PLEASE do NOT say anything rude about ‘who looks better.’ It’s not even the same dress,” Wells Adams’ ladylove clarified. Thankfully, a handful of Sarah’s followers sympathized that she even had to write an edit and chimed in with some words of support.

“The fact that you have to explain the whole joke of this picture shows how f–ked up people can be. Anyways, I laughed!” one user commented. “Welcome to 2019 where we have to explain our jokes. Oh, what a time to be alive,” added another. In conclusion: Sarah would never encourage people to pit women against each other … least of all using a picture of herself as a teenage. Think before you comment, ladies and gentlemen.

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