Hello, beautiful! Singer Selena Gomez arrived on social media on April 5 with a new, all-natural selfie and fans and followers were absolutely thrilled to see her surviving and thriving. The 26-year-old hasn’t graced us with a candid shot since February, so it’s lovely to see her in her full, true glory. No professional cameras here, y’all.

“Selena, the queen!!” one fan commented on the photo where Selena is looking at the camera, wearing a white tank with her brown hair tousled behind her shoulder. “A blessing,” another follower wrote. “The most beautiful girl in the world ❤️”

One fan really hit the nail on the head as far as how we’re feeling about the pic, and truthfully, Selena in general: “How are u even real sis?”

There was an overwhelming outpour of love for the songstress, but believe it or not, we found a few haters in the mix, too.

“QUEEN OF PHOTOSHOP,” one (clearly bitter) fan wrote, while another insinuated the actress may have changed a few things up, cosmetically speaking. “Selena doesn’t even look the same. What did she do to her face? Smh.”

TBH, there weren’t all that many haters in the mix, but they still showed face. “[You] [are] beautiful.. but [you] look a lot different … and it’s not natural 100 percent,” another fan wrote. Considering how overwhelmingly healthy and happy Selena looks in the photo, it’s hard to notice anything but.

We really love seeing her in such a great place — and we have a feeling getting back into music has a lot to do with all that happiness she’s radiating. She was recently featured on J Balvin and Benny Blanco‘s new track “I Can’t Get Enough,” plus she starred in the epic music video.

It was great to fully see her back in action once again, after an emotional breakdown back in October 2018  saw her pursue a month-long stay in rehab to recover. Get it, girl!