Trouble ahead? Siesta Key star Madisson Hausburg revealed her dad wants her fiancé, Ish Soto, to sign a prenuptial agreement before they get married, Life & Style’s exclusive clip shows ahead of the new episode premiering on Thursday, May 26. 

“I was talking to my dad and he asked me if we were getting a prenup,” Madisson, 27, tells pals Kelsey Owens and her boyfriend, Max Strong, as they play games at a bar before Ish arrives. The MTV star also notes she hasn’t seen her fiancé, 47, in “five months.”

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg Wants Ish Soto to Sign a Prenup
Ish Soto/Instagram

“Are you open to it?” Kelsey, 24, asks to which Madisson assures she didn’t “care” either way. 

“I think my dad has a lot of faith that, like, I’m going to blow up one day, you know? …  It’s just my dad putting on his lawyer hat instead of his dad hat,” she explains before adding about the difficult conversation, “It’s not very romantic.”

Her friends seemed a bit skeptical of the awkward situation. “I just feel like the first person to bring up [a] prenup is kind of like saying, ‘I think this might not work out,’” Max, 28, admits. “I would just be careful how you approach it.”

Although it appears Madisson and Ish may hit some rough waters during season 4 of Siesta Key, the blonde beauty spoke with Life & Style in May and opened up about the couple’s wedding plans, which they decided to hold off on amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s really tough planning a wedding in COVID, you know? It’s something we obviously never planned for,” Madisson, who got engaged to Ish in August 2020, said. “I’ve watched a lot of my friends who had planned to get married this past year — the past couple of years — and their weddings are canceled and their whole lives are in turmoil. So, we didn’t want to go and plan something and then have it canceled.”

They thought it was best to wait a bit before walking down the aisle for the sake of their families’ health. “There was a lot of hesitation … his parents are older, my parents are older and just having people in large groups … it’s a scary thing right now,” she added. “It’s been a very tough process; very overwhelming, for sure.”

Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg Wants Ish Soto to Sign a Prenup
Madisson Hausburg/Instagram

Madisson and Ish overcame a lot in the early days of their relationship considering they have a 20-year age gap. The MTV star assured her parents have “definitely come around” and gotten more comfortable with their relationship. 

“I think now they’re just seeing him for who he is rather than an age difference but of course, I mean the age difference will always be there and it’s always something we’re going to have to deal with,” Madisson explained. “I that’s a big thing … I come to the realization this season, you know? It’s not something I can just ignore anymore. It’s not something I can just say, ‘It’s OK.’ Because it’s something I do think about and it’s something I will always deal with. So, it’s something I have to face rather than just push to the side.”

Time will tell what the future holds for Madisson and Ish!