It’s been nearly 10 years since Suki Waterhouse and Bradley Cooper called it quits, but the pain of the split is still fresh in the actress’ mind.

Suki, 32, got candid about the aftermath of her 2015 breakup from Bradley, 49, after two years of dating in an interview with British Vogue published on Tuesday, July 2. “I really will say that I’m pretty strong at this point, but when something very public happens to you and the story behind it is dark and difficult, and you’re actually not doing well, and you can’t explain yourself to the world, that’s very isolating and disorientating,” she said. “It probably has taken a decade to work myself out and actually be able to have this expansion in my life.”

The Daisy Jones & the Six star was 21 years old when she began dating the Maestro actor, who was 38 at the time. She explained that she believes heartbreak “always stays in you” and described her 20s as “pretty sadistic.”

“The love I experienced [then] was only ever a fetishization, and I think when you only get loved in that way, you only get punished,” Suki told the outlet. “When you get into your 30s you’re almost instantly afforded a little bit more respect. It’s kind of delightful and shocking at the same time.”

With all that said, the singer-songwriter added that she wouldn’t “take” any of her experiences “back.”

“All these chaotic ways that my life went, it was always material,” she continued. “[It all] led me to a love that is really pure and a life now … I wake up in the morning feeling really great. I’ll probably go down again at some point, that’s just how it works. But you wear your scars and if you can take them and build them into something and share them, then that’s the ultimate.”

Suki Waterhouse Makes Rare Comment About Bradley Cooper Split
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Three years after ending things with Bradley, Suki moved on with now-fiancé Robert Pattinson, whom she met at a Hollywood game night in 2018.

“I was sure that I’d met him a long time ago, but he didn’t think that we had,” she explained to British Vogue before revealing that they played a “very, very intense” game of Werewolf. “There were lots of ‘big’ characters [there], real heavy-hitters. … Al Pacino was there. Javier [Bardem] and Penélope [Cruz] were there … and, you know, everyone was really acting.”

Suki revealed that she and Robert, 38, were drawn to each other instantly because they “both sort of have the same slight uncomfortable-ness.” They “started giggling at the absurdity of the whole thing” and “got told off” by the other attendees before getting separated because they were being too disruptive.

The Love, Rosie actress and Twilight star reconnected “six or seven months” later, and the rest is history. They became engaged in December 2023, one month after Suki announced that she was pregnant with their first child. Their daughter was born in March.

“I think Rob’s quite funny, I light up when I’m around him,” she told the publication. As for whether her pregnancy was planned, Suki said, “We really planned it. One day we looked at each other and said, ‘Well, this is as ready as we’re going to be.’ I was like, ‘What can make more chaos?’”