Taylor Swift has become a master at giving subtle clues about everything from her music to her personal life via “Easter eggs” she leaves for fans. They’re now picking up on hints she’s allegedly been giving them that she and boyfriend of six years, Joe Alwyn, had broken up. Keep reading for Taylor’s hints and signals about the split.

What Clues Did Taylor Swift Give That She Split From Joe Alwyn?

One of the earliest hints that there could be trouble was when the singer dropped her music video for “Lavender Haze” on January 27, 2023. An eagle-eyed follower pointed out that at the 48 second mark, Taylor strikes a match and it burns. The date that news broke about her split from Joe came on April 8, or 4/8.

While that might be a bit of a stretch, Taylor has been giving clues throughout her Eras tour, which began in Glendale, Arizona, on March 17, 2023. Joe had not been seen at any of her concerts, let alone the big kickoff night.

Taylor became emotional during one of her Arizona shows while singing “Champagne Problems,” off her 2020 album Evermore. She and Joe cowrote the song together, as he used the pseudonym William Bowery, which is about an unrequited marriage proposal. Taylor sings the heartbreaking lyric, “I never was ready so I watch you go.”

When a fan posted the performance video to her TikTok account, one user commented, “Ohhhhhh the end of the song she was fighting tears,” while another later added, “What if she’s crying over her break up  [sic]?” once the split news became public.

Fans are now wondering about the last-minute song change Taylor made during a concert in Arlington, Texas, on March 31. She cut 2020’s “Invisible String” from her setlist, which is a song about a thread that ties two people together with strong hints about her romance with Joe, in favor of “The 1,” where Taylor reminisces about a former lover and their lost relationship.

How Long Were Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Together

The pair’s romance was outed in June 2017 when they were photographed together on a balcony in Nashville, a month after news broke that the Grammy winner and the England born actor were dating. Unlike with previous romances, Taylor kept her relationship extremely private. She never shared photos of him on social media as she had with past boyfriends such as Calvin Harris, and they never walked a red carpet together. But the two spent much of 2020 in lockdown together, where Joe helped Taylor pen several songs for her albums Folklore and Evermore.

When Folklore won the Grammy for Album of The year in 2021, Taylor thanked her beau in her acceptance speech. “Joe, who is the first person that I play every single song that I write, and I had the best time writing songs with you in quarantine,” she gushed.