They clearly like each other, but are Peter Weber and Madison Prewett actually compatible? After the Bachelor contestant told the lead she’s “compromised” to be there, a style language expert explains her fashion may be revealing even more of a “disconnect” in their relationship. Speaking exclusively to Life & Style, Stitch Fix stylist Layne Cross weighs in on what the star’s sartorial selections tell us.

“[Her outfits] suggest she’s dressing for Peter rather than staying true to her personal style,” says Layne, revealing that Madison’s outfit choices on the show don’t mesh with what she’s worn on her Instagram account. “Before joining The Bachelor, Madison displayed a sporty sense of style, frequently donning jeans and jerseys while cheering on her team courtside or denim jackets and classic black leggings when snapping pics with friends. Since gliding into Peter’s life on a larger-than-life paper airplane, however, Madison appears to have traded her laid-back looks for splashier styles.”

Pointing to her night one outfit, a “a deep red halter dress with a dramatic train,” and looks like Madi’s “fuchsia gown and sequin jumpsuit,” Layne says there’s an occasional “disconnect between her flashy fashions and the genuine, down-to-earth and humble persona she’s given viewers a glimpse of.” That doesn’t mean the star isn’t being herself — but it could mean she’s “channeling confidence” she’s not necessarily feeling. Her looks “seem at odds” with her casual style.

As for Hannah Ann Sluss, who’s also vying for Peter’s heart in the finale, Layne says her style tells a different story. “Since the first moment Hannah Ann stepped out of the limo, Peter’s chemistry with the fresh-faced beauty was apparent. The plunge-neck mermaid gown she wore [in] the season premiere perfectly represents how her personality is reflected in her fashion — classic with a modern and flirty twist.” The expert notes she’s “stayed true” to her sense of style all season, letting her “flirty and fresh personality shine through her fashion choices.”

The Tennessee native’s outfit options on and off the show prove she’s sure of who she is and comfortable in that. “This steadfast commitment to her style, no matter the situation, demonstrates a strong sense of self-confidence,” Layne says. “Hannah Ann’s classic style with subtle flirty details mirrors her relationship with Peter — a steadfast attraction sprinkled with moments of bold and romantic gestures.”