Bombshell. Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett revealed to Peter Weber that she’s a virgin. The Alabama native has had serious conversations with the pilot about family and faith, but this was the first time they dove into talking about sex.

“Coming into this week is really hard for me for a lot of different reasons, and tonight, I want to be as honest as I can about everything,” she began during dinner with the 28-year-old. “So for me, growing up, I made a commitment to myself, and I decided that I wanted to save myself for marriage. For me, I see it as the day that I say ‘I do’ to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is the day that he is getting all of me — body, soul and spirit. I am his. I look at relationships and not both people are going to make the same life decisions, and I don’t expect that for you or anybody.”

Peter said he will “always respect” Madison’s decision, but admitted he was intimate with the other women during their fantasy suite dates. “For me, I don’t want you to feel like this is all about sex. This is a big thing right now for us,” he said. “I don’t know how else to do this. I will just be very honest. I have been intimate, and I can’t lie to you about that.”

Madison Tells Peter He's a Virgin

Before Madison and Peter jetted to Australia, she told him if he were to “sleep with someone else, it would be hard for me to move forward with this.” While she didn’t give Peter an ultimatum, she said: “actions speak louder than words.” Peter reassured her and said he is “crazy” about her.

While speaking with her mom during her hometown date, she admitted she hadn’t told Peter her secret. “I haven’t fully talked to him yet about I guess like how I view intimacy and how I feel,” she said. “That is something that I have saved for marriage and something I want to save my marriage. I don’t know how he is going to respond to that, and so, yeah.”

“There are some things I need to share and open up to Peter about,” the 23-year-old added. “One of those things is that I am saving myself for marriage.”

Madison and Peter took a big stride in their relationship during their one-on-one date in Lima Peru, ahead of hometowns. The Southern belle confessed that she sees “a future” with the Bachelor Nation stud and her “heart is starting to take over.”

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Kiss on The Bachelor

“I feel like I owe it to him and our relationship to be honest,” the brunette beauty explained before they sat down for dinner on the February 10 episode. “But opening my heart up I think will propel us into a future together or possibly end our relationship. That’s the scariest part of this. I’m a strong believer that if it’s meant to be it will be but it’s still really scary.”

Madison began to explain to Peter that she’s looking for someone who “embodies the same qualities and characteristics” as her dad. “Faith is more than past down into me, it’s my whole life and who I am,” she said. “In a marriage, I want someone who has that relationship with the Lord … I want to know if we’re able to be on the same page that way and grow with each other in that way.”

Although Peter confessed that his personal faith wasn’t at that level, he admitted that it’s something he’d like to build. Then, he dropped a major bombshell. “I feel so good about you that I know I’m falling in love with you,” the leading man shockingly confessed.

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber One on One Date Lima Peru Dinner

“I’m so glad you said that. I needed that,” Madi sweetly replied and gushed that she was “so happy.”

While they may not be on the exact same page (yet), the former basketball player confirmed that she simply wants “someone who values faith and someone who values family.” She also noted that their conversation “was definitely a huge, huge, huge step” for the two.

The feeling was mutual. “We’re definitely on the right track, I’m falling in love with her,” Peter reiterated during a private interview.

We think Peter and Madi have a very bright future! Hopefully they can get through this.