Down to the wire. Peter Weber eliminated one contestant on the Monday, February 17, episode of The Bachelor and is headed to the fantasy suites with the remaining three ladies. Keep scrolling to find out who he sent packing. Caution: Spoilers below!

After all of the drama with Victoria F., the 28-year-old pilot actually revealed he didn’t see a future with Kelsey Weier. “I am so sorry. I know you probably didn’t see that coming at all,” he told the blonde babe. “You have been someone that has been so honest with me since the very beginning, and you deserve for me to be the exact same way for you. Believe me when you told me that you loved me, that meant the world to me, but I wasn’t there.”

Peter Weber Top 3

“I am just so in shock and so confused,” Kelsey, 28, said in her confessional. “I didn’t expect to fall for him as hard as I did. I fell, and he didn’t. It hurts really bad.”

In the beginning of the episode, the handsome hunk visited Hannah Ann‘s hometown in Alabama. The two went axe throwing, and Peter gave the former pageant queen a note listing the 20 things he loves about her. “I am so confident,” she boasted. “Me and Peter have that connection. I am really starting to fall in love with him.” Later on, Peter hung out with Hannah Ann’s family, but her dad warned the California native about how he shouldn’t toy with her feelings after he confessed he was in love with his daughter.

However, Peter couldn’t keep his emotions inside. “I know how I am feeling about you, and I can honestly say that I am falling in love with you, just being here tonight with your family, it feels so right, and you make me so happy,” he said.

Next up — Kelsey! She greeted Peter in Des Moines, Iowa, where they stomped on grapes and made their own wine. “I am in love with you, and I know my family will see that,” she confessed. The 28-year-old later told her sisters that she has been able to communicate better while dating Peter. However, Kelsey’s mom was hesitant about Peter dating three other women. “As a mom of three and having gone through a divorce — don’t break my girls heart,” she advised.

Peter and Kelsey on The Bachelor

Peter then jetted to see Madison in Alabama. The two visited Auburn University — where Madi’s dad teaches basketball — and they threw some hoops. Then, Madison brought Peter home with her, where he had dinner with her family. However, Madison told her mom she still hadn’t told Peter she’s a virgin. “I haven’t fully talked to him yet about I guess like how I view intimacy and how I feel,” she said. “That is something that I have saved for marriage and something I want to save my marriage. I don’t know how he is going to respond to that, and so, yeah.”

“There are some things I need to share and open up to Peter about,” the 23-year-old added. “One of those things is that I am saving myself for marriage.”

Peter told Madison he was “falling head over heels” for her, but she still didn’t share the bombshell news with him. “It makes me feel really confident about us, and I love Madison. I just know that she is on that same page as me,” Peter gushed.

Madison and Peter on The Bachelor

Last up: Victoria F. Peter and Victoria hung out at the beach with her dog before they danced on stage at a Hunter Hayes concert. Peter ran into his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence, and she told him to be careful of the Virginia native. Peter confronted Victoria about the rumors, but she was defensive and argued with her man. “I am so done with this conversation. I can’t. I am so done,” she exclaimed.

The reality star tried to comfort Victoria, but she wasn’t having it. “Have you not seen this entire time how much I have cared for you? The worst part — this is the second time you have just gotten up. You deserve to be loved,” he said before he left.

The next day, Victoria came to apologize for what went down at her house. “I get so confused when it just blows up with us. I feel like we have no communication skills, we don’t understand each other in that regard,” he explained. “It’s so good for so long, there are so many moments, and then it just implodes and it’s the most terrifying thing for me.”

Despite the drama, Victoria told Peter she’s falling in love with him and that the ball was in his court now.

Unfortunately, Peter can’t pick ’em all! Time will tell how everything ends.