From Bachelor star Peter Weber‘s “lovey-dovey” day with Madison Prewett to the pilot turning “visibly upset” in Virginia Beach with Victoria Fuller, Life & Style has exclusive details about season 24’s hometown dates. The leading man is left with four contestants — Madi, Victoria F., Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelsey Weier — and LS has eyewitness accounts of everything you *didn’t* see on-camera. Caution: Spoilers for the February 17 episode are below!

Peter and Madison’s One-on-One

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett Kiss on The Bachelor

“Peter and Madi’s date was at Auburn Arena where they shot some hoops and met the team’s players,” the eyewitness says. The Alabama beauty, 23, has previously dished how important basketball has been in her life, so it was a perfect fit for her. The reality pair was “always touching,” gushes the insider. “Every time we looked over, he either had his arm around her, held her hand, put his hand on her back,” the insider adds. “Peter would whisper things in her ear and she would laugh.” The “very cute couple” was even “caught kissing” around the brunette beauty’s hometown. Overall, the pilot seems just as crazy about the foster parent recruiter as he has all season.

Peter and Victoria’s One-on-One

Madi’s date was smooth sailing, but things get rocky with Victoria, 26. Their date started at Giardino Ristorante before moving to local hotspot The Shack, where the two were treated to a Hunter Hayes concert. The eyewitness notes that the pair “seemed to be really into each other” as they laughed and kissed to “I Want Crazy.” However, the fun came to an end.

“The mood quickly changed though when production started to rush everyone out,” continues the insider. A “blonde girl,” who has now been identified as Merissa Pence, “pulled Peter aside and we watched what looked to be a confrontation.” Sadly, the pilot was “uncomfortable and caught off guard” before leaving with “tears in his eyes.”

Victoria Fuller Crying on The Bachelor

Merissa is an ex of Peter and a previous friend of Victoria, and reportedly told the Bachelor Nation stud about the brunette beauty’s reputation of “ruining marriages” and being a “liar” and “cheater.” The eyewitness picked up the same vibe from the audience at The Shack that day. “I heard someone in the crowd yell ‘homewrecker’ at Victoria,” says the insider. “That’s all everyone was talking about. No one in the crowd seemed to be a fan of hers. I don’t think she was aware that this news broke.”

Victoria released a statement via Instagram in November 2019 where she said the “rumors” about her were all “false,” and she was waiting to “defend” herself. A lot of drama is still to come with the VB native.

Peter and Kelsey’s One-on-One

After the Victoria drama, Peter was spotted “laughing and “in deep conversation” with Kesley in her hometown of Des Moine, Iowa. They later headed to meet her family. Surprisingly, the home they went to was not “Kelsey’s mom’s real house,” divulges an eyewitness. “They just used it for the show and didn’t want the real one shown on TV,” says the insider. The former Miss Iowa has spoken on the show about her estranged relationship with her father, and he will reportedly not be shown during the episode.

PETER WEBER, KELSEY Kissing on Group Date
ABC/Francisco Roman

As for Peter and Hannah Ann, they spent their day in Knoxville, Tennessee, before moving to the neighboring town of Powell for dinner with her parents, according to Reality Steve.

It looks like the leading man has a lot to think about!