They’re vibing! Will Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller get engaged on The Bachelor? Although the controversial contestant has been experiencing some drama off-screen, she and the pilot have been progressing in their relationship on the reality dating show. If you can’t wait to see it play out every Monday night, keep reading to see the fate of their relationship. Caution: Season 24 spoilers below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens!

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller Relationship Bachelor

Get used to Victoria, 26, because she’ll be sticking around most of the season. She makes it to hometown dates but hits a snag with the 28-year-old leading man while he’s visiting Virginia Beach. The reality duo enjoys the day portion of their date at The Shack dancing to a concert performed by country singer Hunter Hayes, according to Reality Steve. Things take a turn later that evening.

There have been rumors floating around about Victoria’s dating history, which includes accusations that she’s been with three or four married men. This comes to light when someone from Peter’s past shows up and airs the contestant’s dirty laundry. In response, Peter breaks things off with the brunette beauty before meeting her parents, the gossip outlet reports. However, their saga doesn’t end there.

Victoria apparently goes and talks to Peter at his hotel and he decides to give her another chance. She appears at the following rose ceremony where she makes it to the final three and jets off to Australia. It seems as though their relationship got rattled a bit too hard because Victoria is eliminated after overnight dates.

Peter spoke on his experience with the Virginia native after being asked about her controversial past, which included a modeling gig that caused Cosmopolitan to pull her from their cover after she posed with Peter on a group date. “Just being completely honest, I can’t really speak too much on it, cause I don’t really know many facts about the whole situation. I just recently heard about that with the cover being removed, but, obviously during that moment too, I knew nothing about that, none of us did,” he explained during an appearance on Build Series by Yahoo on February 4. “All I can speak on is the time I was able to spend with Victoria throughout this experience, and I truly enjoyed my experience with her.”

He also noted that his now-ex is a “good person” with “endearing qualities.” Hmmm … Bachelor in Paradise, maybe?