Radio host Bobby Bones isn't just one of the newest stars of American Idol, he's probably one of the most tatted. The 38-year-old has at least three designs inked on his body, and he seems eager for more! Read on to learn more about Bobby Bones' tattoos…

You might have noticed the large, bold tattoo on Bobby's arm, for example. In response to a Twitter fan question in 2015, Bobby said he has his grandmother's initials, his mom's initials, and the state of Arkansas tattooed on his forearm.

One of those two sets of initials is "HH," and when country star Hunter Hayes stopped by his show in 2013, Bobby fooled Hunter into thinking the "HH" referred to him. The "HH" ink was actually Bobby's first tattoo, and he documented the experience in a YouTube video. "[The needle] was not as bad as I thought it would be," he said in the vid.

Bobby is a Nashville guy now — hosting iHeartRadio's The Bobby Bones Show out of WXIX-FM in the Tennessee city — but that Arkansas tat is a tribute to his upbringing, as he was born and raised in Hot Springs, AR. When he got that tattoo, he said he'd get a Texas design next, which we imagine would be a tribute to The Bobby Bones Show's Austin roots.

And that's not all. When he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame this November, Bobby said he'd get another tattoo, one of a microphone. But this time, he wanted a listener to design the artwork, so he sent out an all-call to artistic fans on Facebook and Instagram.

Bobby and his friends also use tattoos in their bets. For example, in 2017, sidekick Amy was so sure Bobby wouldn't visit her beloved Haiti orphanage that she said she'd get a tattoo of his face if he did. He did indeed go to Haiti, but we doubt she went through with it!

And in 2015, Bobby made a bet with a listener regarding Bobby's knowledge of country music — one in which Bobby, had he lost, would have had to get a tattoo of a dog peeing on the name of country music star Luke Bryan. With all these tattoos and tattoo-related bets, Bobby and his buddies must be keeping the tattoo artists around Nashville gainfully employed!