Paradise … maybe? Bachelor star Peter Weber sent two contestants home during the fifth rose ceremony on February 3. Yes, fans saw two eliminations in one night’s episode. The pilot is making tough decisions, the competition is getting fierce and real connections are forming. Keep reading to see who is no longer on a journey to find love. Caution: Spoilers from the recent rose ceremony are below.

Shiann Lewis and Lexi Buchanan said goodbye on the gorgeous island. Although the ladies seem like great people, they couldn’t quite form a bond as strong as the other frontrunners like Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Kelsey Weier.

Peter Weber The Bachelor Who Went HOme

Before the 28-year-old started handing out roses, the ladies got into an explosive argument. Kelsey paid Peter a visit ahead of the evening and aired her grievances against Tammy Ly, who claimed that the former Miss Iowa was acting too emotional back at the house. Not only did the pilot gush over Kelsey’s gesture of visiting him, but he gave her a rose right in that moment.

Shockingly, he canceled the cocktail party later that night. Needless to say, the other ladies were freaking out. The tension resulted in a screaming match between Tammy, Kelsey and Sydney Hightower. It ended with Sydney accusing Tammy of being “crazy” while she sobbed in a private interview.

Things got even crazier during the elimination. The pilot was all set to give out his first rose — which was given to Victoria Fuller — but Tammy pulled him aside first. She wanted to clear the air that she was ready to fight for him and wanted to put the drama behind her. Then, Mykenna Dorn walked up to “steal” Peter and squeeze in a little time.

The leading man seemed to have his mind pretty made up and wrapped up each conversation quickly. His second rose ceremony in Costa Rica had plenty of tears but that means the stud is getting that much closer to finding love.