Another rose ceremony down on The Bachelor. Leading man Peter Weber had some tough choices to make this week and he ended up eliminating three women while one other left on her own during the February 3 episode. Warning: Spoilers ahead! Do not read if you don’t want to know what happened.

Deandra, Kiarra and Payton were eliminated during the actual rose ceremony. Prior to that, all the drama with Alayah Benavidez came to a head. The former Miss Texas was sent home during week 3 after her fellow contestants told the pilot, 28, that she was there for the wrong reasons. She returned to defend herself and was given the group date rose, despite not participating in the football game with the others.

Peter Weber week 4 rose ceremony

The other ladies were upset, and the backlash caused Alayah and Peter walking away from each other (again). Yes, that’s right, the Texas native is officially off the show. However, we don’t think the drama will be slowing down anytime soon.

Of course, there was a lot of craziness leading into the fourth rose ceremony. Victoria Fuller had an awkward run-in with her ex and country music singer, Chase Rice, while they were at an amusement park. She was caught off guard when she saw him on stage. However, she eventually came clean about her past during the dinner portion of their date.

“So, I want to tell you something, and I am really nervous to tell you,” she said. “It would be unfair to you to not tell you. The end part was a little weird for me because — so, Chase and I used to date. We dated, but I broke it off with him. His lifestyle wasn’t matching up to what I want and knew that I wanted to give this a try with you.”

Victoria F the Bachelor

Luckily, Peter didn’t seem to mind and actually appreciated her honesty. “I had an amazing day with you,” he gushed. “I respect the hell out of you to have the guts to tell me this. You’re honest with me — you didn’t do anything wrong.”


Kelsey Weier also scored a one-on-one date with the California native, where they explored the city and even took a romantic boat ride. The two really connected and seemingly formed a strong bond. It looks like we have another frontrunner, ladies and gents! Between Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Victoria Paul — the competition is getting fierce.

Alayah may be gone, but the connections are getting stronger. Buckle in, we have a feeling it’s not smooth sailing for Peter *quite* yet.