Not having it! Chase Rice had no problem calling out Bachelor producers for making him perform on Peter Weber‘s amusement park date with his ex Victoria Fuller. At first, the country star had hesitations about appearing on the show — especially with his history with the contestant. “So, I told my manager and my publicist, they were like, ‘Don’t even worry about that. They’re not going to do that to you, that’s a weird coincidence, but they’re not gonna — there’s no way they would do that to you. They’ve never brought somebody else in like that, surprised the guest on the show,'” he said during an appearance on Fitz in the Morning radio show on Monday, January 27.

“So, the fact that they did that to me, it’s over the top, it’s unnecessary. I didn’t expect it,” the 34-year-old singer continued. “But at the end of the day, it happened. I don’t know if it’s the producers or if they just got lucky. I know what I think, but I’ll let everybody else figure out what they think.”

Victoria Fuller Chatting With Chase Rice on 'The Bachelor'

Chase added he “was really pissed off” since he wanted to be part of the show to promote his new music — not to be in an awkward love triangle. “I wanted absolutely nothing — if there’s anything I ever wanted, it’s to have nothing to do with the drama of that show,” he exclaimed.

The Florida native also downplayed his relationship with the 25-year-old. “We spent a night together in Charlotte. She’s a cool chick, from what I know of her,” he said about their time together. “You know, I got no problem with her. I got no problem with him. You know, I knew she was going on the show.”

During the episode, viewers saw the 28-year-old pilot take Victoria to an amusement park in Cleveland, and then the two had a semi-private concert with the “Eyes on You” crooner. Naturally, Victoria was shocked when she saw her ex up on stage and immediately freaked out.

Afterward, Victoria knew she had to tell Peter the truth about her past. “So, I want to tell you something, and I am really nervous to tell you,” she said. “It would be unfair to you to not tell you. The end part was a little weird for me because — so, Chase and I used to date. We dated, but I broke it off with him. His lifestyle wasn’t matching up to what I want and knew that I wanted to give this a try with you.”

Luckily, Peter appreciated Victoria’s honesty and comforted her. “I had an amazing day with you,” he gushed. “I respect the hell out of you to have the guts to tell me this. You’re honest with me — you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Victoria Fuller With Peter Weber

This is definitely one narrative Chase would like to not be part of.