Sorry, ladies! Bachelor star Peter Weber sent home four contestants during week 3’s episode on January 20. Between Champagne-gate and beauty queen drama, the pilot had his work cut out for him.

Alayah Benavidez, Jasmine Nguyen, Sarah Coffin and Alexa Caves were sent packing during the third rose ceremony.

The former Miss Texas was the center of a lot of negativity after contestant Sydney Hightower told Peter that she felt like Alayah wasn’t there for the right reasons.

Alayah the bachelor week 3

“That freaks me out so much that I could possibly develop feelings with someone who is not being real with me,” the pilot emotionally said. It was obvious he was extremely troubled by the accusations.

Alayah vehemently denied that she was being fake or putting on a show in front of the cameras. “Your story is not flawless because your story is an opinion and an opinion is not facts,” she said about Sydney during a private interview. “I’m not going to put out my light just because someone else is lying.”

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However, Victoria Paul — who knew Alayah through the pageant world before coming on the show — revealed to Peter that the Texas native asked her to not tell producers that they knew each other. This sparked too many red flags and Peter ended up sending the brunette beauty home.

Champagne-gate didn’t get a ton of attention this week after being the center of attention during week 2. The chaos ensued after Peter shared a bottle with Hannah Ann Sluss that turned out to belong to Kelsey Weier. It turned into a major argument, and Hannah later told Peter that she felt like she was being “bullied” the night before by the blonde babe.

Hannah Ann Sluss the bachelor champagne gate

“I was up all last night crying,” she admitted. “I approached Kelsey last night, and she told me to f—k off. I went down to her a second time that evening, and she said I was a bitch, a princess and tore me up. My spirit was crushed, and I felt bullied. It was really, really, really hard.” Peter said he “wasn’t going to put up with that” and thanked her for coming on the date.

Afterward, Peter pulled Kelsey aside and wanted to get her side of the story. “I don’t like her, she knows that. She can turn it on. She is trying to play the victim card, and she acts a different way to you and a different way in the house. It’s not fair. I have been bullied before. I know how it feels.”

Kelsey Weier the bachelor champage gate

The ladies tried to talk it out the next day. “So last night wasn’t nice. You have to understand, the word ‘bully’ is a very serious accusation to make and I’m not OK with it,” Kelsey said to Hannah Ann.

“After the fiasco, you were calling me a bitch, you were calling me fake, you were calling me a princess word…. I’m not a Champagne stealer,” Hannah Ann rebutted to get her side of the story. All in all, the ladies seemingly agreed to disagree.

We’re only three weeks in and the craziness is just getting started!