And, your point is? Bachelor contestant Victoria Fuller hilariously clapped back at a troll on Instagram who said she cries too much on the show. The Virginia Beach native is competing for Peter Weber‘s heart and — considering how much drama has been happening — has every right to shed a few tears in the pursuit of love.

“Are you the one who cries every time they show you on The Bachelor? LOL,” someone commented on the starlet’s latest Instagram photo on January 26. Victoria seemed unbothered by the comment and proudly responded, “Yup.”

Bachelor Star Victoria Fuller Claps Back on Instagram
Courtesy of Victoria Fuller Instagram

The 25-year-old got a lot of attention thanks to her adorable (turned slightly awkward) one-on-one date with Peter, 28. The duo had a blast riding rollercoasters around Cedar Point in Ohio, and then they were treated to an intimate concert with country singer Chase Rice. The catch? The crooner happens to be Victoria’s ex-boyfriend, who she claimed told her not to go on the show. Although she kept her cool as she and Peter danced to the tunes of her ex, she later revealed the truth during the dinner portion of their date.

Victoria Fuller With Peter Weber

“So, I want to tell you something, and I am really nervous to tell you,” she began. “It would be unfair to you to not tell you. The end part was a little weird for me because — so, Chase and I used to date. We dated, but I broke it off with him. His lifestyle wasn’t matching up to what I want and knew that I wanted to give this a try with you.”

He was initially shocked but they talked it out and Peter ended up being pretty cool about the whole situation. “I had an amazing day with you,” he gushed. “I respect the hell out of you to have the guts to tell me this. You’re honest with me — you didn’t do anything wrong.”

While that situation ended on a high note, Victoria got pulled into some other drama when told the other contestants about Victoria’s previous romance with Chase. The former Miss Texas was eliminated during the January 20 episode, but Peter invited her back to stay when she returned the following week to defend herself. Since she had been out in the ~real world,~ Alayah came back with new info about the contestants, and Victoria F. was not impressed with her gossiping.

Victoria Fuller With Alayah

The Virginia native confronted Alayah and the conversation exploded. It ended with Victoria promising that she had a “few choice words” to say to Peter about the beauty queen.

Needless to say, tears are expected on the journey to find love.