And the final rose goes to … After all the drama and heartbreak, is Peter Weber engaged? The Bachelor started off with 30 gorgeous contestants and the hunky pilot had to navigate his way through until he was left with Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. Does he get down on one knee? Is he single? Does he need a nap? Keep reading for all the details! Caution: Spoilers for the season 24 finale are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

During the finale — which takes place in Australia — the 28-year-old is left with a major decision between Hannah Ann and Madi, both 23. However, a few unexpected twists make this the *most dramatic* season ever.

Madi ends up eliminating herself before the final rose ceremony, according to Reality Steve. She and Peter’s relationship had a lot of stress on it after the pilot admitted to being “intimate” with someone else in the fantasy suite. The Alabama native, who is a virgin and saving herself for marriage, previously told Peter that “actions speak louder than words,” but he acknowledged that he had other women who deserved a fair chance.

This isn’t the biggest stressor that happens during the finale. Chris Harrison later tells Peter that Hannah Ann is also having doubts and considering leaving. However, she decides to stay and ends up getting engaged to the leading man … for a little while.

Peter Weber Final 2 Contestants
ABC/Stewart Cook

After the last rose ceremony, Peter later pulls Hannah Ann aside and ends things with her to continue pursuing Madi, the gossip outlet reports. The California native has been courting the Southern beauty since filming wrapped in an attempt to regain her trust. They are currently dating but not engaged.

Peter seemingly confirmed that he did end up with someone after the finale back in February 2020. “It’s hilarious. People are really good at speculating,” the California native admitted during an interview with Access Hollywood about fan theories. “I will say I haven’t heard the actual ending yet, though, from anyone.” He specifically shut down that a contestant is pregnant, he’s still single and that he and former Bachelorette star Hannah Brown end up together. The finale definitely did a good job keeping us guessing.

Despite the drama, the leading man has been cheery since his season ended. “I can say I’m happy, I can say that,” he teased during an interview with Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti on the January 7 episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast. Peter has frequently alluded to the idea that his finale couldn’t be spoiled, which he later explained why.

“I guess the main reason why I said that was so that last week for me was an insane week. It was definitely the hardest week of my life,” the Bachelor Nation stud explained about his previous statements. “I definitely couldn’t have predicted what ended up happening. There’s no way I could’ve and that’s kind of what made me say that. Literally, until the very last second, stuff is happening … Literally until the very last day, the last second, I’m going through stuff. It was the most beautiful experience but also the hardest.”

Peter definitely had his work cut out for him this season!