Womp, womp. Bachelor Nation alum Tia Booth said there’s a “zero percent chance” Peter Weber ends up with his producer on The Bachelor. The former contestant from Arie Luyendyk‘s season responded to the fan theory in a comment on the pilot’s Instagram on February 24. While it’s been a fun idea to toss around, Tia shut it down quickly.

Tia Booth Says There's Zero Percent Chance Peter Weber Ends Up With Bachelor Producer

That’s not to say the 28-year-old isn’t fully invested in season 24. “If you didn’t pick Madison [Prewett], I will break my TV in half during the finale,” the Arkansas native added in another comment to the leading man, 28.

Many fans were here for Tia’s top contender. “Yes, I am with you on that! Looks like Peter will have to buy a lot of us new TVs if Madison isn’t picked,” one person responded. “We stand with the queen!” someone else added. “Same! I will sincerely cry if he didn’t’ pick her. She is my favorite,” another comment read.

Bachelor Contestant Madison Prewett Talks With Peter Weber Ahead of Fantasy Suite Dates

Madison, 23, has been a frontrunner all season. However, there has been tension when it comes to their stance on sex. The California native previously confirmed that intimacy is “very important” when it comes to dating someone. “I don’t know why there’s a taboo because it’s part of the relationship,” he said. The Alabama native is a virgin and saving herself for marriage, and had a conversation with Peter to try and communicate her expectations ahead of fantasy suite dates on February 24.

“So, what are you saying? If I were to spend the night with someone else, this isn’t something you could do?” he asked the contestant. Ultimately, the brunette beauty told him “actions speak louder than words” but didn’t quite give a clear idea of what she meant.

She opened up more about her choices during hometown dates. “Growing up, I made a commitment to myself, and I decided that I wanted to save myself for marriage,” Madison explained. “For me, I see it as the day that I say ‘I do’ to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with is the day that he is getting all of me — body, soul and spirit. I am his. I look at relationships and not both people are going to make the same life decisions, and I don’t expect that for you or anybody.”

Time will tell what the future holds for Peter and Madi!