The hat that Travis Kelce wore to attend Taylor Swift’s Eras tour in Dublin, Ireland, looked awfully familiar to eagle-eyed Swifties. Several fans pointed out on social media that the NFL star’s corduroy cap was one that Taylor had previously worn herself on multiple occasions.

One fan shared a side-by-side shot of Travis, 34, and Taylor, 34, both wearing the black hat. The screenshot of Taylor in the accessory was taken from a July 28, 2023, TikTok video that she posted from backstage at one of her concerts. “Could you two be any more attached at the hip,” the fan wrote.

Other Swifties also pointed out that Taylor appeared to be wearing the same hat in an October 2023 Instagram post with Jack Antonoff. The image featured the collaborators celebrating the success of “Cruel Summer” after it hit No. 1 on the charts.

Travis’ appearance at the Sunday, June 30, concert in Dublin surprised fans, as he was at a wedding in Los Angeles on June 29, just hours before showing up to the stadium. Even Taylor looked shocked to see her boyfriend in the crowd. Her face lit up with a huge smile when she noticed him in the VIP tent after he arrived about halfway through the concert.

At the end of the show, the professional athlete met Taylor backstage and they left the stadium together. Fan videos of their exit showed the couple smiling while waving to onlookers. At one point, Travis stepped aside and proudly gestured to his girlfriend with both hands, prompting her to jokingly stop and pout before bursting into laughter and racing to link arms with him.

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After the show, Travis and Taylor enjoyed a night out with members of her crew, as well as Stevie Nicks, who was in attendance at the concert too. During the surprise song section of the night, Taylor played her song “Clara Bow,” which references Stevie, 76, in the lyrics. She also performed “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” which is a track that the Fleetwood Mac legend said helped comfort her after the death of her bandmate Christine McVie.

“Thank you to Taylor Swift for doing this thing for me and that is writing a song called ‘You’re on Your Own, Kid,’” Stevie said at a concert in May 2023. “That is the sadness of how I feel. As long as Chris was, even on the other side of the world, we didn’t have to talk on the phone. We really weren’t phone buddies. Then we would go back to Fleetwood Mac and we would walk in and it would be like, ‘Little sister, how are you?’ It was like never a minute had passed, never an argument in our entire 47 years. So when it was the two of us, the two of us were on our own, kids. We always were. And now, I’m having to learn to be on my own, kid, by myself.”

Fans caught Stevie wiping away tears as Taylor performed the song in front of her at the Dublin show. Meanwhile, the “Fortnight” singer had equal praise for Stevie, which she explained to the crowd before singing “Clara Bow.”

“The reason I want to play this tonight is because a friend of mine is here, who is watching the show and has really been one of the reasons why I or any female artist gets to do what we do,” Taylor gushed. “She paved the way for us. She’s become friends with so many female artists just to be a guiding hand. I can’t tell you how rare that is. She’s a hero of mine and also someone I could tell her any secret [and] she’d never tell anybody. She’s really helped me through so much over the years.”