Feeling salty? Tyler Cameron “liked” a comment on Twitter that said “he wasn’t even” Hannah Brown‘s “second choice” after she revealed that she questioned leaving Peter Weber “all the time” during The Bachelor premiere on January 6. After her engagement with Jed Wyatt ended, the former Bachelorette star asked Tyler out for drinks during After the Final Rose. However, during her tearful reunion with the pilot on the new season, it sounded like she did that because Peter had not been reaching out to her. Not surprisingly, the Florida native’s social media behavior alludes to him not being cool with the revelation.

“Night,” the 26-year-old wrote with a peace sign emoji in a cryptic tweet during the early hours of January 2 after Hannah’s interesting admission to Peter on The Bachelor. Some fans pointed out that the aspiring male model “chose Gigi [Hadid]” when he started dating her two days after spending the night at the Alabama native’s Los Angeles apartment. He obviously disagreed with the claims and “liked” a tweet of one person who came to his defense.

Tyler Cameron likes Comment About Not Being Hannah Brown's Second Choice
Courtesy of Tyler Cameron Instagram

“He wasn’t chosen either. The end. He was hurt, too,” the person wrote. “And just like the next person owed it to himself to figure out what made him happy. Especially after not being chosen first. And now, after what was said to Peter, he wasn’t even second choice apparently. Did you miss that?”

During the episode, Hannah, 25, broke down after telling a steamy sex story about her former romance with the pilot on his second group date of the season with a handful of his gorgeous contestants. While the exes were speaking in private, the former beauty queen confessed that she regrets sending Peter home “all the time.” She noted, “I had no doubts — like you were going to meet my family.”

Peter was extremely hurt that after things didn’t work out with Jed, Hannah then tried to move on with Tyler. “He was reaching out, and you didn’t say anything,” she dished. “I knew you were upset and dealing with it, so I didn’t reach out to you. I just didn’t know if you wanted to get past it. I thought you wanted to be The Bachelor. I felt a lot more than I thought – I didn’t think it would be that much of a spark.”

Hannah Brown With Peter Weber
ABC/John Fleenor

In the end, she wasn’t able to give a clear idea of what she wanted from Peter, which left him extremely torn. “I am so confused right now. I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I did sort of want you to come back in,” he said through tears. “I didn’t even notice you, then you came out [of the limo], and I knew who it was. I don’t know what to do right now, I am so confused. I am obviously not 100 percent where I thought I was. I don’t know what to do. I can’t help how my heart feels. I look at her, and I don’t want to stop looking at her, and I want to just kiss her and just have all of this work out. And it didn’t and I know it didn’t and I just – I feel like such a jerk because I have such an awesome group of girls here expecting to meet someone who was truly ready to have this work for them as well. I don’t know.” Yikes.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger so time will tell what happens between the two. As for Tyler, he seems over it.