Lots of emotions. Hannah Brown simply felt “overwhelmed” during her tearful conversation with Peter Weber during The Bachelor premiere on January 6, a source explained to Us Weekly. The former Bachelorette star had a complete breakdown and was worried she “f–ked up” letting the pilot go. However, between seeing her ex and working nonstop on Dancing With the Stars, the Alabama beauty was hitting her breaking point.

“Hannah got emotional on the episode because she felt overwhelmed from her busy schedule. She felt pressured and she was being pulled in a million different directions from ABC,” the source explained. “Her main focus was winning DWTS, and she was exhausted and seeing Peter heightened all the stress and anxiety she had been feeling at the time.”

Peter Weber Comforts Hannah Brown on The Bachelor

If that wasn’t enough, the 25-year-old was on the heels of her very public split from fiancé, Jed Wyatt, after his ex Haley Stevens revealed that they were still dating when he left to be on the show and he only went to boost his aspiring music career. Although fans saw a very emotional moment between Hannah and Peter, the insider noted that she was also trying to move forward at that point.

“Hannah was in a good place truly focusing on DWTS, getting confident and happy again after the Jed drama, and she really didn’t need this little interruption,” the source added. “Seeing Peter brought back old feelings that she didn’t want to be dealing with.”

The former leading lady appeared twice in the premiere episode. First, she stepped out of the limo to give Peter back a set of airline wings that he gifted her on the first night they met. Although they both got a little teary-eyed, it seemed like that was the closure they needed.

Hannah Brown With Peter Weber
ABC/John Fleenor

However, Hannah then went on the first group date where she completely broke down after telling a steamy story about her and Peter’s past romance. Her uncertainty led the pilot to open up about where he stood.

“A little bit of me was kind of hoping you weren’t just dropping something off, but you were coming in,” he admitted. “But I didn’t need that. I appreciate you bringing the wings back, and you didn’t have to do that. I gave those to you, but no matter what, you are going to mean so much to me.”

Hannah then confessed, “My heart was confused … I don’t know what the f–k I was doing. I am really f–ked up. I question a lot.”

Fans still have a lot more to see between Hannah and Peter and we can’t wait!