She’s smitten! Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith is “very in love” with a new mystery man, with whom she’s keeping his identity hush-hush. However, the Netflix star dished details about her boyfriend exclusively to Life & StyleLearn more about her man below.

She’s Head Over Heels for the Hunk

“I’m very happy. I’m very in love,” the interior designer gushed, while remaining tight-lipped about their romance. “He’s super hot and the most amazing man I’ve ever known. Period. That’s all you’ll get.”

The reality star revealed they started dating in May 2020, but she couldn’t “say how [they] met.” Hmmm …

He Doesn’t Work in the Entertainment Industry

The mom of two loves the fact that her beau isn’t involved in Hollywood, and they’re able to keep their romance “private.”

“He’s the one person I can vent to and it’s not published,” the real estate agent noted. 

He’s Unbothered by Her Friendships With the Oppenheim Twins

The owners of the Oppenheim Group have raised eyebrows because of their flirty friendships with the women who work for them, specifically Heather Rae Young and Mary Fitzgerald. However, Amanza’s man isn’t threatened by their platonic relationship.

Amanza Smith Selling Sunset Boyfriend
Amanza Smith/Instagram

“He’s just the coolest, most patient guy ever,” Amanza said. “In the past, I’ve dated people who are jealous. I’m a guy’s girl. Jason and Brett [Oppenheim] and guy friends that I’m close to that I’m not involved with …. most guys who I’ve dated, that wouldn’t fly. This guy is so cool. He’s confident. He has a good head on his shoulders, he’s structured, he’s just really cool.” 

He’s Younger Than Amanza

The model may be older than her mystery man, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t on her level. 

“Put it this way, I was dating someone throughout season two and season three who was older than me, and the person I’m currently with is more mature than anyone I’ve ever been with, ever,” Amanza explained. “More mature than people I know my age and older. He’s the kind of guy I look up to and am like, ‘Wow you’re such a man.’” 

She added, “I never thought I’d be with a younger man. I always thought it was super creepy, and I didn’t get it but here I am.”

A Match Made in Heaven

Amanza said her man is her “biggest cheerleader,” and he always wants “the best” for her. 

“I’ve dated people in the past and they’ve wanted me to succeed, but kind of didn’t because they wanted to control things about me,” she explained. “I wasn’t like that. This guy really … makes me feel amazing.”

It looks like the future is bright for Amanza and her man!