Shawn Booth Has Been Few Dates Following Kaitlyn Bristowe Split
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Looking ahead! Bachelor Nation star Shawn Booth has been “on a few dates” since his split from fiancée Kaitlyn Bristowe but isn’t worried about romance at the moment, the former reality star tells Life & Style exclusively. The trainer is “focusing on [his] fitness career” and the exciting things coming down the line.

“I haven’t had too much time for dating,” the 33-year-old admitted while teaming up with Niido Nashville, powered by Airbnb, to host a special #TroopNiido workout at BOOTHCAMP Gym. “I have been on a few dates this past year but nothing too serious. Again, just so busy with my career.”

Shawn Booth Focused on Growing His Boothcamp
Courtesy of Niido Nashville

Not that people haven’t tried setting up the eligible bachelor. “I feel like it’s a little tough to date but there’s always some friends of mine and other people that try hooking me up with their friends or people that they know,” he continued. “I haven’t tried any of the dating apps — probably won’t do that — so it’s kind of just friends trying to hook me up.”

As far as his love life, he’s taking it one day at a time. “Not rushing into anything right now. I just know what I don’t want, and I think I’ll know once I find myself in that situation … But I’m definitely not rushing into anything,” he added. “But I am looking for someone who is confident, someone who is driven and most importantly, someone who is supportive — that’s definitely the biggest one for me.”

Considering his booming fitness career, it’s no wonder he’s not putting the pressure on his romantic life. The reality stud opened his group training gym in June 2018 and spends the majority of his time there. “Right now I’m just focused on BOOTHCAMP Gym here in Nashville and growing this,” Shawn explained. “I’m doing seven classes a day — all different types of experience levels. And, we work with everything from kettlebells to med balls to dumbbells, boxing and we like switching up the workouts.”

Shawn Booth Workout class Nashville
Courtesy of Niido Nashville

His facility is “really conscious about our programming and really believe in mobility and taking care of our members first and foremost,” which is why he wanted to team up with the powered by Airbnb apartment building — to help locals feel “at home.”

Although Shawn had a stint on reality television, he’s definitely fulfilling his passion in the gym. “I just think fitness is just a very rewarding career knowing that you’re doing something that is truly helping somebody and it goes beyond fitness,” he noted. “It helps people with their confidence and just feeling good about themselves which helps them tackle other things in life. So, it’s good knowing that every day you’re waking up and having a positive impact on people.”

As far as his ex-fiancée from The Bachelorette, he doesn’t spend too much time dwelling. “That’s so far in the past for me and I don’t think about it much. Hopefully, she’s happy,” he said. “Now I’m just focused on making myself happy and continue to grow my business which I’m really passionate about.”

Thanks for being our major fitness inspo, Shawn!

Reporting by Diana Cooper