It’s never easy to see your ex move on, especially when you’re a public figure like Kaitlyn Bristowe. After the former Bachelorette and Shawn Booth announced their split on Nov. 2, the Boothcamp founder was spotted at a fitness event with Charly Arnolt, fueling romance rumors. On Dec. 13, Kaitlyn took to her Off The Vine podcast to break her silence on hearing about her ex spend time with someone else.

“There is obviously the article that people saw about Shawn with this girl,” the host explained. “I didn’t even read the article, I didn’t even look her up. I don’t want to know because you know what, he has the right to hang out with whoever he wants, and as much as it can, even when you’re ready — like you know that’s not your person — it still stings.” Ugh, we feel for you, girl.

It seems like the 33-year-old doesn’t want to snoop on her ex because she knows it’s for the best. “I am like, that is digging and looking and I am only going to put false thoughts in my head,” she confessed. “I am going to start believing something that isn’t true. I am going to start comparing. I am going to start asking myself too many dumb questions that don’t matter and I don’t want to do that to myself.”

Shawn and Charly enjoyed a brunch with friends on Dec. 2, and on their flight back to Nashville, an eyewitness told Us Weekly that the pair seemed “way too close” to be just friends. Neither of them has addressed the rumors.

Kaitlyn admitted to former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi that she just unfollowed her ex on Dec. 12. “He unfollowed me a while ago. Well, and I didn’t know, but people told me, and so then I was like, it pains my soul to see Tucker. It actually does,” she revealed. “Like, I can’t talk about it too much longer than this right now because I will cry, but I can’t handle grieving the loss of Tucker. I can’t. I go hour by hour through my days trying to get past that.”

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For now, it looks like Kaitlyn is trying to move on by getting back into dancing and hanging out with her friends. Keep your head up, Kait! We have a feeling good things are coming your way soon.