One thing that’s universally true for almost everybody is that breakups suck. Former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has been very open about her feelings since her split from Shawn Booth after their three-year engagement. She was joined on her podcast, Off the Vine, by former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi where she admitted that she had been struggling with her relationship since July.

The theme of the episode was “healing heartbreak” and the two women chatted and exchanged stories about their love lives. Kaitlyn first gave a shout out to her supportive fans by saying, “People have been so kind through this because it sucks.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe talks about Shawn Booth break up on her podcast
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Although the couple publicly announced their breakup in November, she admitted that problems in their relationship came to a head this summer. She said, “This has obviously been a struggle since July. I did a podcast about it in September because people were like, ‘Why aren’t you posting with each other? Why aren’t you liking each other’s photos?’ I was very open saying things aren’t easy right now. So, I feel like I’ve been grieving this relationship since the summer.”

When did Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth break up
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“So, I’m, like, healing and I’m moving forward now, but it took me a long time to get there. I was hurting for a really long time,” the starlet explained. “Honestly, I’m a big fan of feeling your feelings. You know, I would just sit and cry.”

However, she did go on to say that even though she felt terrible, she wouldn’t keep herself down for long. “But, I would pick myself up and put a scrunchie in my hair and throw on some gangster music,” she said. “I would be like, ‘OK you’re going to go for a run today because that’s going to make you feel better.'”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Shawn Booth break up

At the end of the day, Kaitlyn wanted to stress the importance of not hiding from a breakup. She said, “It’s pushing yourself. It’s allowing yourself to crumble on the ground and be weak and just cry. [And,] picking yourself up and feeling empowered…and knowing you’re going to be OK.”

It looks like Kaitlyn is practicing a lot of self-care and is doing much better since their split. Stay strong, girl!